Alex & Andria

Visit Alexandria

What’s in a Name?
A Tourism Campaign with a One-Two Punch

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Content
  • TV
  • Digital
  • Out-of-Home


Alexandria, VA represents a double-edged sword for any tourist destination. So close to Washington, DC, yet always in its shadow. How to convince travelers that this historic jewel of a town is the perfect place to visit while in and just across the river from our Nation’s capital?


Whether seeking history, dining, shopping, waterfront activities or just R&R, we set out to target long-weekend travelers by revealing the many sides of Alexandria through a unique campaign that played-off the city’s name.


The “Alex and Andria” (get it?) campaign and accompanying tagline ‘let’s get together’ explored how couples and families can each get what they want out of a weekend in Alexandria. By creatively centering the tourism campaign around the city’s name, it allowed us to show the range of tourist amenities while also minimizing confusion with neighboring Arlington, VA. To target weekend getaway-ers and create a consistent presence throughout the vacation planning process, media was placed within a 4-hr. drive-time radius, including transit, TV, digital display and pre-roll on travel and news sites.



Within two years of the campaign launch, visitor spending increased by $33 million to a record $859 million. Visitors to Alexandria from at least 50 miles away spend $826 million annually, resulting in over $27 million in local tax revenue.