This Is What We Live For

Cardiac Partners

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Painless rebrand and omni-channel marketing with a healthy ROI for Cardiac Partners.

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Content
  • Digital
  • Social
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Out-of-Home


In 2018, Cooper University Health Care and Inspira Health Network joined forces to create Cardiac Partners, the largest cardiology patient referral and clinical practice in southern New Jersey. Yet by 2020, they were still virtually unknown outside of their individual reputations and existing base of patients. They needed an omnichannel campaign to drive in-market awareness among new patients, and ultimately increase conversion as measured by requests for scheduled appointments.

Quite the challenge during COVID, not to mention having to compete with Penn Medicine as the well-established and local healthcare giant. We had to stand out. We learned that medical-speak about research and procedures didn’t inspire trust, and didn’t cut through the clutter. We created a new brand platform based on the real life moments we empower.

The Havit Bridge

The theme – This Is What We Live For – served as the aspirational capstone for all marketing efforts, digital advertising and broadcast including TV.

Updated website functionality to include physician’s listings, search, appointment booking, new blog design.

We took a full funnel approach to engage multiple core audiences in the southern NJ market with targeted paid media ads (traditional and digital), paid social, SEM/SEO, out of home and guerilla to provide bedrock awareness. Targeted programmatic “look-alike” ads educated viewers on common heart conditions and concerns in a first-person voice, with behavioral retargeting aimed at users who had shown some interest in the brand but had not taken a specific action either on the campaign’s landing pages or website.

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We optimized clicks and call volume so well that we were able to improve patient conversions 2,040% YOY – causing a few hearts at Cardiac Partners to skip a beat. We also:

  • Improved mobile load times from 27 seconds to under 2.5 seconds.
  • Identified 526 long tail keywords to boost organic search results and drive new content creation.
  • Lowered site’s bounce rate from 84% to 33%.
  • Boosted organic search 600% YOY.